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Parking Information

We are hoping that clearly defined parking, loading, and drive through areas will help ensure the safety of all Westwood students, staff, and visitors.  We will be insisting that all drivers use the designated loading and unloading areas.  Students should be using the designated cross walks or be let out at the loading curb only.  Thank you for your cooperation to ensure everyone’s safety.
1. A Safe parking lot through cautious and reasonable driving
2. Recognize available parking sooner when deciding to Park or Drop-off.
3. Efficient and organized flow of traffic when proceeding through the lot.
1. No longer are the Open/Unmarked and Staff parking spots commingled.
a. Visitor parking is all in the same area.
b. Staff / Admin parking is in one designated area.
2. Created 2 lanes for efficient traffic flow.
a. Lane #1  Pass-through (for parking and exiting)
b. Lane #2  Loading Zone (for morning drop-off ONLY)
3. ESS Drop-off (Morning) & Pick-up (Evening)
The 2 designated spots remain. Since most drop-off and pick-up takes only minutes to complete, there should always be a spot available as most activity occurs before staff arrival and after staff departure. The loading zone can still be used.
Informational Depictions
1. Entry into Parking lot (Open spot to Park or proceed to Drop-off)
As you enter into the lot, the relocation of the unmarked parent and visitor parking spots should allow you to identify if an open space to park is available or if you want to proceed to the curbside drop-off loading zone.
2. Pass-through vs. Loading Zone
As you entered the lot and have already decided to either park, pass-through or drop-off, the 2 lanes of traffic have been created. 
The Pass-through lane is on the left side. The Loading Zone is the right lane nearest the curb. Do NOT drop off in the Pass-through Zone.
3. Exiting the Parking Lot
Per signage, no left turn is allowed when the Crossing Guards are on duty. Otherwise, left turns should be executed following traffic regulations. No change from prior. (A.G.A.K.)
4. Emergency Lanes - No Stopping, No Parking, No Drop-off or No Loading
The red curbs at the north and south end of the lot are for Emergency Vehicles ONLY.  We are asking you not to park, load or unload in these areas.