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Student Transfers

Poway Unified School District Board Policy (PUSD) allows for transfers within and from outside the PUSD boundaries. There are two different types of transfers: 
  1. A Request for Intradistrict Transfer is used to transfer from your school of residence to another school within the PUSD boundaries. Once complete when would you know your request for an Intradistrict transfer has been approved? PUSD would like to give every opportunity for new students enrolling with PUSD to have a seat available at the school of residence.  Since class sizes are limited at the elementary level, this does mean that we must hold transfer requests allowing ample time for enrollment.
  2. The Application For Interdistrict Attendance Permit is used to transfer from a district outside of PUSD into one of our school sites. The process for transferring from another district into PUSD should begin at the District Office of the student’s residence. The District of residence needs to release the student before PUSD can accept the student into one of our school sites. 
  For FAQ's please refer to the District website FAQ's about Residency and Transfers